I am a licensed child, adolescent, and general psychiatrist. I received my medical diploma at the Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe University in Frankfurt in 1973. This was followed by a one year internship in Frankfurt. Thereafter, I absolved my specialty training in Child & General Psychiatry at the Austin State Hospital from 1974 to 1978. At the time, the program was of excellent quality. From then on until now, I have been in private practice. Also, I worked part-time as a consultant and staff psychiatrist at the Austin Child Guidance Center until 1983.

I grew up in the former East Germany and left it, for political reasons, as a teenager. Then West Germany, then Texas. 3 cultures. That experience helped me to be open-minded and in attunement with people. Also, it gave me a desire to do something on behalf of prevention of societal problems. As I was able to compare cultures and methods of raising children, I had interests and desires to make a difference.

Even as a teenager, I was interested in the subconscious mind and in analysis. I wanted to find an efficient way of practicing it. As I “stumbled into” patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder in the early 90s and went to all the conferences that were offered to teach about treatment, I learned about Ego State Theory, taught by Helen and John Watkins. This approach has given me a way to do an analytical form of psychotherapy in a very efficient way. Hypnosis is often utilized.

Sometimes, with this approach, miracles of healing seem to happen, gratifying to my patients and to myself.