Treatment FAQs

1. What is hypnosis?

The website of Dr. Matthew Whalley has a great article answering this question, found here.


2. Is hypnosis helpful in treating illness?

Although every case is different, there have been some studies that have shown hypnosis to be effective in improving patient outcomes. You can read more in this New York Times article.


3. What is ego state therapy?

This article by Dr. Gordon Emmerson of Australia is a top resource for the description of ego state therapy and the various ego states.


4. What is EMDR therapy?

The EMDR International Association sums it up nicely here.


5. What is EMDR used for?

Click here to read about some of the clinical EMDR applications.


6. Can EMDR help me with my chronic pain condition?

Potentially! EMDR can help manage some chronic pain conditions. More information can be found in these two papers:


7. What is autogenic training and how can it help me?

Autogenic training is something I teach as a relaxation technique. You can read more about it here.